Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photos San Diego Intimate Photography photo shoot

What type of woman has a boudoir photo shoot? Every type, of course!

At Intimate Photography San Diego, we have women from ages 21-81 come for boudoir photographs. Our clientele comes from every walk of life: college students, soccer moms, attorneys, doctors, teachers, grandmothers, brides-to-be, fitness instructors, mothers-to-be, and any woman that wants to feel and look sexy. Do you just want the daring silhouette boudoir photos? Boudoir Photography San Diego has a session just for those images, our signature poses.

At San Diego boudoir photography we hear our single clients sometimes receive a marriage proposal when they present their boyfriend with boudoir photography.  Intimate photos are great for just a spark for that special romantic night.

Every woman at some time in her life wants to feel pretty, glamorous and sensual. San Diego boudoir photography is not always about looking sexy.  The “girl next door” look is very popular.  We have a guitar at the studio for those women that have guys in a band or who just enjoy playing the guitar.  We have a football, basketball, and a baseball bat for those sporty boudoir photographs with his baseball cap and your cut off shorts.  Bring his golf club, his cowboy hat, cigar, or his favorite shirt and tie for your intimate photography shoot. Boudoir photography San Diego can be a style of photography all your own. Our brides bring their veil and their wedding shoes to their boudoir photography shoot.  Barbara, our boudoir photographer, can help you with your creative ideas, to get just the right amount of “sexy” you are looking for.  The end result is great boudoir photographs that he will love and you will have fun creating.