Boudoir Photographer

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Besides beautiful boudoir photographs, women experience other positive outcomes from their boudoir photo shoot.

For some women it’s a sensual awareness.  Looking at her intimate photographs boosts her self-esteem and confidence.  Not all women have a boudoir photo shoot as a gift to her partner.  Women often do photographs for themselves.  Documenting a fitness goal, celebrating a milestone birthday, or just doing a session for fun are not uncommon.

For the mature woman, beauty has no age limits.  Boudoir photography in San Diego is for women in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and is popular and encouraged.  She may have children, grandchildren, and want to prove “she still has it.”

Barbara Steinberg, our boudoir photographer San Diego loves working with women of all ages, no matter why they come to the studio. We have had several clients that want to submit their boudoir photographs to Playboy Magazine, with their husband’s encouragement.  Most of these clients want to include nudes, which our regular clientele wouldn’t normally request.  These brave women are not all 20 years old.  Playboy magazine has issues that feature boudoir photographs of the mature woman.

Boudoir photography in San Diego, is happy to photograph aspiring lingerie models. It’s a different type of photo shoot for them, as they don’t have 3 or 4 people telling them what to do.  They are pleased with the boudoir photographs and they are ready to submit them to modeling agencies.

A boudoir photo shoot can empower women and help them see themselves in a way that is powerful and confident.  Call Barbara our boudoir photographer San Diego to reserve your boudoir shoot and she can discuss your goals and expectations.