Boudoir Photo Shoot

What three words describe your boudoir photo session experience?

We frequently ask our clients to describe her boudoir photo shoot San Diego experience in just three words.

Danielle is an aspiring lingerie model.  Her three words were fun, sensual and elegant.  She had attended a wedding the day before and enjoyed the cake and all the lovely food that was served, so she was a bit worried about her figure.  Once we began, she started to relax and forgot all about her “cheating” and her weight.   Her boudoir photographs were perfect for her portfolio.

Julia is a 27 year old new mom and wanted to show off her sleek “post baby” figure that she had worked so hard on. Her three words were classy, romantic, and glamorous.  She brought some gorgeous lingerie she purchased at Victoria’s Secret in celebration of her new life with her daughter.  She was very easy to direct into all the poses.  She also wanted to try some topless photographs.  She couldn’t wait to see her photos.

Shelly was completely different.  She was shy, reserved, and very nervous about her boudoir photo shoot.  We were delighted to hear that her three words were sexy, captivating and exciting. Once Shelly had her make up done and her hair styled and completed the wardrobe selection, she was much more relaxed and ready to have some fun.  She was shocked when she saw her boudoir photographs because she didn’t realize how pretty she was.

Jennifer was a curvy plus size woman and couldn’t be happier with her figure. She was confident, self-assured and couldn’t wait to start her boudoir photo shoot. Her three words were

comfortable, sensational and sexy.  She loved posing in our corsets and bra and panties sets.  She was pleased that we had many outfits to fit her curvy figure.  She didn’t want any retouching. Her man loves her just the way she is.

Denise was 71. Her husband was in intensive care at our local hospital and she wanted give him that extra incentive to get well and up and around again.

Her three words were enjoyable, relaxing and fun.  At 71 she still had a beautiful figure. She swims every day and does yoga a few times a week.  She wore our Harley leather jacket and a black corset and VERY high heels.  She and her husband used to ride motorcycles just after they got married and before they had their first child.  With her boudoir photo shoot, she wanted to remind him of the excitement they shared many years ago.

What three words would describe your boudoir photo shoot San Diego? Let us know. We would love to hear from you.