Professional make-up and hair styling for your boudoir photo shoot?

Why do you need a professional makeup artist/hair stylist for you boudoir session?

Should you have your makeup and hair done by a pro for a boudoir photo shoot? At Intimate Photography San Diego we offer professional makeup and hair services to make your intimate photos the best they can be. The professional touch will give your boudoir photos that edge that will set them apart from all others.

I am happy to say I have worked with the team at Intimate Photography San Diego for over two decades. Barbara is a real pro and she strives to make every boudoir photography shoot look like a magazine spread. I am happily part of that process.

It takes 3 equal parts to make a sensational boudoir photo: makeup, lighting and photography.

If you have not been photogenic in the past, just wait until we get you in the makeup chair! You will see the best version of yourself, and probably learn some new tips along the way.

Even if you do your makeup well for every day, you may not know how the camera sees the human face. The camera sees you very differently than the naked eye. We adjust your makeup so you will be “camera friendly”. Subtle highlights, contouring and camouflage are all techniques we use to give your face more dimension and structure. A boudoir photo is just one dimension and people are 3 dimensional, so we have to create that dimensional look for your images.

You will look like you and can be as natural or glamorous as you wish. Most women comment on how they look like themselves, just more polished and of course, glamorous. It is all about the glam right?

Boudoir photography needs a matte finish on the skin. Shine translates as oil or perspiration and will make a hot spot on your face in photos. We use a matte foundation and micronized powder to give a velvety smooth look to the skin. Your pores will be invisible or greatly minimized.

Then there is the hair…I think you know the difference here. A pro can get volume and fullness that you may not be able to achieve on your own. A boudoir photo shoot needs a lot more than you might do every day. It is about a 25% difference; you need that much more volume to look natural for your images. We can lift and boost the hair so that it creates the soft glamour we are looking for.

Everyone arrives nervous. Boudoir photography is probably out of your comfort zone, and that is part of the adventure. It is my job to make you feel calm and comfortable. When you see how fabulous you look, you will feel so much better about being photographed. The face looking back at you will be beautiful, confident and ready for her close up!

Meleah Nelson

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